Cucumber Offices is office leasing like we have never seen before. After acquiring a defunct vacant space in Camberwell Place, they reimagined the space to be the perfect fit for a small business of 8 – 15 people.

Agero was engaged to create a clever, purposeful, and dynamic workplace that ensured no space was left to waste.

The Challenge

When Agero and Cucumber Offices first stepped into the vacant property, it was a mess. The space was previously a sushi bar, with a large exhaust duct going straight through the middle of the space, which created a challenge not only in construction but planning designs. While the roof terrace was already a part of the original plans, it had limited natural light, with the lift shaft blocking the only source of natural light.

The space also had two staircases leading up to it, creating a challenge of how Cucumber could best use and integrate some of the already existing features in a compact space.

Our Solution

Being built for growth, all Cucumber Offices are flexible and have the unique ability to grow with the business that calls it home without increasing rent. In many ways, the tenant is rewarded for growing, as they get more for the same price.

Within Cucumber Camberwell and all Cucumber Offices, we wanted to create something unique that is not found anywhere else in Australia.

The sunken lounge was the central idea of the office, with the joinery and furniture defining the space without enclosing it. The space uses rich materials such as brass, as well as lots of plants to create a cosy, intimate and inviting tone. For the workstations, we did not want to use typical supplier-bought stations. Instead, we opted for Australian-made, custom-built stations with a veneer top and rattan partition screens from a local supplier, adding to the sui generis nature of the space.

As a smaller space sitting at 140/sqm, all appliances such as the fridge, microwave and dishwasher were integrated, which helps the space feel larger. Similarly, the wool carpets and shagpile rugs breathe light into the space.

From day one, the tenant of this office space can proudly say they have a sunken lounge, private all-weather outdoor terrace, and private lift. Additionally, the space was meticulously designed, ensuring purpose in every centimetre; SONOS sound inside and out, beautiful plants, Zoom-rooms, breakout areas and kitchen space, all seamlessly weaved into a space that promotes productivity and collaboration.

By designing smarter and sweating every inch of what was available, the space allows the tenant and their employees to feel genuinely proud of the environment they work in, swapping their WFH preference to a WFO.

This project won Silver in the Melbourne DRIVENxDESIGN Awards 2022.

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